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Searchlogic 1.5.7 – Complex searching no longer a problem

Searchlogic 1.5.7 is by far my favorite release because it takes Searchlogic to a whole new level. It solves a problem I thought it would never solve. Before I explain the new features, let me give you a quick run down on my perspective of Searchlogic:


Tutorial: Easily migrate from restful_authentication to Authlogic

I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking the best way to migrate from restful_authentication. Where it gets complicated is in the password encryption methods. Authlogic and restful_authentication use different methods. You don’t want to change this method because it will break backwards compatibility with your current passwords, meaning no one will be able to log into their account. Fear not, because I did all of the hard work for you…


Tutorial: Upgrade passwords easily with Authlogic

I released Authlogic 1.3.3 which has some handy options for migrating passwords to a new and improved algorithm. Without Authlogic this is somewhat of a pain in the ass, because there has to be a transition period in which your users can upgrade their passwords. You can’t just upgrade the algorithm because then no one will be able to log in. Authlogic solves this problem and makes it dead simple:


Storing nuclear launch codes in your app? Enter BCrypt for Authlogic.

Today is Saturday, which is “fun day”, and there is nothing more fun that talking about encryption algorithms. So let’s get started…

Part of Authlogic’s responsibility to is to keep you on the cutting edge when it comes to security. Afterall, that is part of the reason you use Authlogic, so you don”t have to deal with it. Your app can use the latest and great security techniques just by updating the Authlogic gem.


Tutorial: Using OpenID with Authlogic

Please note this tutorial is outdated and has been deleted, please see the official Authlogic OpenID addon, which makes OpenID integration extrmely easy. The content that used to be in this tutorial was for Authlogic 1.x and will not work properly with Authlogic 2.x.

Tutorial: Reset passwords with Authlogic the RESTful way

I’ve been getting emails asking me how to reset passwords with Authlogic, or how to confirm accounts. In this tutorial I’ll cover resetting passwords, since it is more complex, but after reading this tutorial there is no reason why you couldn’t set up account confirmation as well. In fact, my next tutorial will cover just that.

What am I about to read?

You are going to read a tutorial on how to reset passwords the RESTful way. I am going to pick up where I left off on the Authlogic basic setup tutorial, so if you have not read that I highly recommend doing so.

Want to see it in action before you start? Check it out for yourself:

A live example of this tutorial

Before we begin, let me walk you through the basic process of resetting a password as I see it:


Authlogic shares the love, merb support added

Rails doesn’t have to hog all of the Authlogic love, it’s time to start sharing. So I decided to send a little love to the merb peeps and add in a merb adapter. Just install the Authlogic gem and include it as a dependency and you are good to go. Authentication in your app is as easy as setting up a resource for a model.

I think this is just the beginning though, here are my thoughts….


Tutorial: Authlogic Basic Setup

Please note this tutorial has been moved to the README in the authlogic_example respository. This tutorial is stored with the example app incase you are more of a hands on learner, you can play around with the resulting code.

Settingslogic, a great settings solution or the greatest?

If there is one thing we can all agree on, say it with me…ruby doesn’t have enough settings solutions. You finished the sentence without even reading it didn’t you?

Actually considering there are a million settings solutions, this is probably the last thing we need. That being said, I decided to add my own personal settings solution to the mix called Settingslogic. It’s nothing crazy or new. Just a simple solution to a simple problem. Settingslogic provides globally accessible settings via an ERB enabled YAML file. It has been great for my apps, maybe you will enjoy it too. Here’s how it works…


Authlogic released! Rails authentication done right.

The last thing we need is another authentication solution for rails, right? That’s what I thought until I tried out some of the current solutions. None of them felt right. They were either too complicated, bloated, littered my application with tons of code, or were just confusing. This is not the simple / elegant rails we all fell in love with. We need a “rails like” authentication solution. Authlogic is my attempt to satisfy that need…

What if you could have authentication up and running in minutes without having to run a generator? All because it’s simple, like everything else in rails.

What if creating a user session could be as simple as…


What if your user sessions controller could look just like your other controllers…


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